Monday, March 10, 2014

It begins to feel like summer. Today....

....Was a beautiful day. The kind of day that makes everyone excited about summer. It was 80 degrees. Never mind that it's supposed to be in the 40's again on Wednesday.... We're talking about THIS day. It was the kind of day that brings invigorating spurts of motivation which is precisely why I went on 2 long walks up and down these hills. Once with the brother & once with the sister & both times with Sam & Lena! -the dogs- :)  Whats not to like about having a good workout right at the end of your drive? And I thought about a certain sister of mine who sometimes gets homesick for these hills and how that if she would come this summer we would go on long walks everyday...and talk... about things.... to the sister:  you know which one you are! 

 Rhoda & Sam.  She has a fonder liking of animals than me. Just sayin'.

 Rhoda & I. 
Today was also the day that the braces which were stuck to Rhoda's teeth for 2 years got to come off! Yay!! The first thing she did was eat popcorn & chocolate covered coffee beans.... I helped her. :)

 Buds on the maple tree in the front yard. I'm so excited for spring people!

 The beautiful night sky!  After supper Rhoda & I went out and did jumping jacks & jump roped... the latter didn't go so well for me but they say practice makes perfect! For which I am grateful!

This is the day that the Lord hath made;
let us be glad and rejoice in it.
Psalm 118:24


  1. oh Bob. I don't think I'm the sister you're referring to, but I miss the hills, too. :) Perhaps I shall have to come visit this summer and we can walk and talk...about stuff. ;) I loved your post. I'm so proud of you sisters. And the brother. I love ya'll so much. -D.

  2. great to see you posting again after the long silence! tell rhoda her teeth look lovely!!
    miss ya!


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