Thursday, August 14, 2014

That weekend in June

June? Really? Your still doing a post on something that was way back then? Yes. Because for 2 months now I've been intending to post pictures of when my two sisters were here for a week but I didn't get it done. 

Priority complications? Yes. Probably.

So I'll start. Two of the sisters were coming for a week. The one has 4 kids & the other had just gotten engaged a small while before .. and since she was in the middle of planning her wedding it would be the perfect opportunity to have her Mom and sister make her dress. --This wedding is going to be in just 2 weeks from Saturday and I'm so super excited 'cause I get to have the fun of doing the cake/cupcakes and being a bridesmaid.... and then I will have pictures to post from that as well! ---

There were yards of white fabric and beautiful lace...

Sara begins the cutting of the dress....

Some nights we stayed up late to keep her company while she sewed and then Aubrey would get to stay up with us...and we would eat ice cream and other good things 'cause it's just so much fun to have a 7 yr. old niece to have night parties with! :)
 The kids were entertained for hours making all kinds of animals out of beads

 Coloring with Grandma...

And the poor baby kitty's got way more attention then they were asking for I believe. They put on a real display of long-suffering through the week!

I made them each their own little cake. the picture is kinda bright so you can't see very well... Kyler had a Thomas cake, Aubrey had one of those that looks like a princess with a big frilly skirt and for Mya's I cut the shape of a kitty face and gave it eyes, ears, a nose and whiskers and whatever else might go on a cat face.... she was pleased as punch and didn't seem to notice that it had pale green eyes and whiskers. :) 
--that was because I wasn't feeling like coloring any more icing. --

Kyler built a Lego 'helicopter' .

And a Lego airplane!

Once we took the kids to feed the fish. $0.88 bread from Walmart works great and is severely cost efficient and Mya seemed to think it was tasty as well. She usually got 1/2 of her slice before the fish got any!  

Colson and his Mommy. 

My current cover photo on Facebook. Just 'cause I like it...

This child has gorgeous blue eyes! 

Kyler found so many little frogs. It was amazing how many he could fit in his hand too! Once he was holding so many that he said they "were sleeping" in his hands. :) Love his imagination!

Stories with Dorcas...

We had an abundance of fresh peas over that time thus they made there appearance at nearly every meal. Looks like Mya stopped for a while to diligently shell them.

Walking along the lake. Gorgeous.

At the end of the week more of the family came. Here it's Jacob & Dorcas and Eric & Naomi

And Wes & Sara...

Us sisters. We worked hard to get a good one of all of us but it wasn't working so well that day. Rhoda has already spoken her dislike & also forgiveness to me for putting this picture on. I like it 'cause it shows her personality so well.

Miss Mya Grace and her Daddy...

Tomorrows Friday. and then it's the weekend.... Have a great one people!