Monday, December 16, 2013

Thanksgiving & Then Some

Hello to everyone here on this warm, 'spring' day in December! Honestly it does seem like spring. The thin dusting of snow that we had is melting & running away & it even smells like spring... I must say though, the weather is nice. It just seems majorly incorrect to me! But since you probably didn't come for a weather report I will continue. It's been goodness how long since I've posted anything? Exactly 27 & 1/4 days to be precise. Since then my one job has quit until march & the other one has slowed down for the winter & the family was all home for thanksgiving & my sister has gone away to be with my other sister & we will go get her next weekend... Got that?

It was fun to have the whole family here had been quite some time since we were all together and this time around there were 2 new additions! :)

There were stories to be read....mostly Winnie the Pooh...
 And occasionally they fell asleep while being read to...

 We sat and talked. And ate pie. I believe we consumed 15 or 16 or 17 pies over the weekend! 


 Haley majorly loved Colson & often asked if she could take him home. 

 Making horses & turtles & kitties etc. from 'melty beads' .

 Jacob & Dorcas...they make me smile some. Just 'cuz. :)

 I just really like this picture for some reason...

Jaden & Lena.

 The whole assortment of us...

I am blessed with family. None of us are the same. But if we were it would be boring! 

Lately I've been very intrigued with making things from sheet music. And with redoing old things to make them look like new things etc.... below are 2 of my recent creations...

For the picture board I spray painted an old frame that we've had ever since I was old enough to remember things...than I took cork board that I had on hand and glued it to the backing of the frame. It seems to have worked quite well except that a few of the pictures have a problem sticking.  For the flower I looked around online until I found sheet music that I liked, printed it off, stained it in coffee and made a pattern & then cut 10 pieces & stacked them. Then I stuck a brad in the middle and 'crunched' all the pieces together. Simplicity I tell you!

The card is one I made for my boss when she got married. I didn't feel like buying a present so I settled for giving money since I hear that it never hurts to get a little unexpected funds when one is getting married....correct?  I thought it very boring to just lay funds inside the card so I made a sheet music pocket to dress it up a little. It turned out quite nice but I forgot to take a picture before I wrote in it. :)

Happy Monday to all!!!