Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer and other things

So this summer has been a little busy. I notice I have not blogged since May 13, which was my sisters birthday....and I still haven't gotten her a present because I have not been able to find that 'thing' for her. She has given me lots of hints and suggestions but I always tell her that if she suggests it then very likely I won't get it for her 'cause I want it to be a complete surprise and if I get something that she told me to get then it would be spoiled..... on and on.... does this sound like an excuse? To me it doesn't but maybe it feels like it to her? I should ask her.   

                       In June Naomi was home for a very short few days for a friends wedding. This is the only picture of all of us that I have. Please notice do not notice the yellow lamp shining brightly 
behind Dorcas' head. :)

In my spare time I am working on the 60 candles for a friends wedding in august. In this picture, I have just finished pouring the wax and they are getting hard.... the clothespins are to hold the wick straight and keep it centered while the wax is still hot.... I have quite a lot of fun doing this and one day I promise to give one away on here. Your choice of scent. It just hasn't happened yet.

Here is 1/60 of the finished product.  -I'm using baby food jars and spray painting the lids bronze. 
They look quite enchanting I think.

 I put this picture on just cause I like it so much. It is fresh blueberries from my manager at the bakery. I think it looks like the perfect summer gift for anybody. Who wouldn't like to get blueberries tied up with string?  :)
And so this weekend Jon & Mary come see us for a little while. -little as in nearly 2 days-  and seeing that Dorcas has moved to Iowa recently...I should think it would be very easy  for her to come along! ? :)
 God has been doing amazing things and I will write some about that in the next post but for now here is a verse that says it all.

You are the God who works wonders;
 You have made known Your strength among the peoples.
Psalms 77:14