Sunday, May 4, 2014

I sang my first solo.

The other night my sister and I were talking about our lives and different personalities back when we were way little. The age my nieces and nephews are now....6 or 7 I think. We were talking about how our personalities have changed when suddenly Rhoda starts laughing and asks: " Remember that time you embarrassed me?" I was frantically trying to remember which time that could have been when she said: "You only embarrassed me once that I can remember...." -insert a big sigh of relief and amazement....

She instantly thought this story was blog worthy. Thus the following...

 Once upon a time, a long time ago, it was a a chilly Sunday morning in Wisconsin. My sister and I were both in the same Sunday school class at the time and we were sitting on the front bench with the rest of our class. We were asked if there was a song we wanted to sing. I immediately stuck out my hand and announced boldly: "God our Father". { It was my current favorite from some Acapella recording. Don't ask me why it was a fav 'cause I don't know.} The song leader looked at me with a small laugh on his face -that I thought nothing of- and asked me if I could please start the song for him. I, of course was not afraid to sing my most favorite song. So I did. I started singing: "God our Father, God our Father." No one joined in like I was planning they would so I kept singing: "Once again, Once again, we bow our heads to thank Thee...." still nothing.But when your that far in to a short song it makes no sense to stop so I thought I might as well keep going. " We bow our heads to thank Thee, Amen, Amen." I was thanked for singing and later that day I learned that pretty much no one else knew my favorite song and that my sister was too embarrassed at me choosing a song -that no one knew- to help me sing it!! Sibling loyalty in the greatest degree right there! :) jk!

And that my friends. Was the day I sang my first solo. As far as I can remember I enjoyed it! :)

 Here is a slightly blurred image of Rhoda & I at about 6-7 I think.

And my favorite picture of us now! 

It's funny what age does to a person 'cause back then Rhoda would have totally been the 'not scared of strangers' sort where as I was more cautious. Now, even though she's still more outgoing than me, (in some ways) I would probably be the first to introduce myself/carry on a conversation with someone I don't know. But my life would be boring with out her and she says hers wold be very boring without me so it's all good!