Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wisconsin 2013

These past several years we -my brother & sisters & I-  have sorta developed a 'tradition' of sorts to go spend several days each winter in Wisconsin. Here's some pictures from that weekend in February....

Saturday afternoon/eve. Mary had to work, so we paid her a visit 
and ate fried cheese curds & cheesy 'tater rounds...

Here we sit around talking after supper. Apparently the conversation was not being excessively 
exciting or awakening as it seems we look a little dazed...

Saturday afternoon we went out to 'play' in the snow... was grand fun! Such a lot of fluffy snow it was! :)

Here we are trying to fit as many people possible onto the only sled.... 
...Sometimes it worked & sometimes it didn't. 

Monday we went shopping wedding shopping but Kathryn had to work so we bought her a small present and delivered it to her at the bakery where she seemed a little sad to have her missing.

 Rachel, Rhoda & I riding happily along in the backseat. Never mind that we look a little's probably 'cause we didn't get 9 or 11 hrs. of sleep the night before. That's all.

 Here we are at DQ having happy things to eat & interesting conversation! :)

The darling little blizzard that tasted quite excellent! 

The End.

And maybe soon I will post pictures from when I was out in CO to visit my sister with some friends, & how we got stuck in the mountains -in the dark- because our carriage vehicle-of-sorts wanted to lose it's wheel..... yeah, it was kinda exciting! :)