Saturday, March 22, 2014

An accomplished surprise.

 You'll have to forgive the odd title. I say titles are the worst part of a blog post. Agreed? ----  I am a little behind in this post 'cause it was last weekend that my sister came and surprised us! It was grand! She came to the restaurant where we work & we had no idea she was coming, which is why I say it was an 'accomplished' surprise 'cause I have this thing for figuring out almost every time someone plans to surprise me.... it's awful I know.  It was great fun to have her here. We went on long walks & talked & talked....
Mom & us girls.
 If it weren't for her taking a few pictures I probably wouldn't have any because I'm not the picture taking sort like she is. :)
 Signs of spring growing beside the road...

Dorcas & Rhoda
 I just recently got myself a cake decorating set and was quite happy to use it for the first time. Dorcas had baked a cake so when I came home from work I decorated it. I learned that using part shortening instead of all butter when making a buttercream icing is important because when I went to make the roses the icing got really soft in my hand... 
 The finished product. I didn't feel like making a bunch of different colors so I just did green for the leaves & grass ('cause they wanted to see the grass :) ) It doesn't look like the most 'put-together' cake I have ever done but it was really good!

And because I have never posted a picture of Dorcas & her fine man Jacob I will post this one from the last time they were here... They make a great couple just sayin'...

Well folks this is all for today. Please have a lovely weekend!

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