Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Perhaps I will just call this...A blog post.

Hi everybody! Here I am with a few new pictures...I know only 1 of them has people in it & those are always the most interesting ;) But the others are nice too I think :)       You may or may not have noticed that I also changed my header and blog colors.... You may also have noticed that it is kinda late in the season to come around with fall colors but I never once thought about it until today when Mary & I were looking at random pictures of this fall.... so enjoy!

  Grandma was here for several days so we took her to our favorite cafe for coffee...
excuse the bad lighting.. ;)

 Yay for fall decor.... a gold plate, leaves from the tree, acorns & a yummy coffee beans candle....(you get all the good scents when you make them yourself! ;))

An awesome sunset...and gate... Just beautiful!

And who doesn't like bright red leaves in green grass?!


  1. I like the new blog/header look -- very nice! Do you make your own candles?

    1. Hi Kristin! Yes I do make soy candles to sell... perhaps 1 day i might give one away? ;)

  2. Oh little Bob, I adore your new header and the new candles look amazing!!! I want one of each please.;)

  3. grandma sounds like she had a wonderful time with you all. i'm so grateful. the candles she brought back were lovely!!

  4. Oh I love your header and pictures!! I really NEED a coffee beans candle! Do you have my name for Christmas?? ;)


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