Thursday, January 10, 2013

In which...

....I will post about December and Christmas...'cause I haven't posted since October 31 and this seems to be a good place to start....
Around the beginning of Dec. Dorcas, Rhoda & I went to Iowa for several days to surprise 2 of our cousins... It turned out to be a rather profitably fun couple of days including an amazing afternoon of thrift shopping and Caribou Coffee with an aunt and girl cousins! 

Here I play memory with Liz & Rebecca....they beat me every time. 
I'm not getting old. I just have a tired brain sometimes.

 Here we play dutch blitz....

Here is us girls.... even if we are blurry. :)

 Wes & Sara came for Christmas and Jon & Mary were here as well...  We drew names among us girls and set a $5 limit. Rather small I know but we hunted our minds 'till we found creative things.... we made the gifts or bought them from thrift stores ( or on Black Friday ;)) and in the end we all got  with very useful presents! It was a lot of fun to see what could be come up with! ;)

 One of the kidders most favorite games is pegs in the park.  You can play it most any way you want when you are the one making the rules! ;)

Miss Mya ;) she rather liked to play with the little houses and people... ;)

 and the others play legos. :)

 Here we are in the middle of a "picnic"..... never mind that I look terribly tired... After all, we had just climbed to the top of a VERY steep mountain (with our babies) to reach this perfect spot for a picnic.  Sound like fun? It was! :) 

 Dad, Jon, Sara & Micah play the stock market game. 
 I am quite certain that I would not win if I ever attempt to play! 

 Kyler is so happy to get Scarloey for Christmas! 
He seems to like Thomas & his friends quite a lot... :)

  Aubrey gets a scarf! And it's pink! What can be better than that? :)

 Mr. snowman/cheesball. He looks rather fierce... I suppose he was....

 Stories with Uncle Jon. I love how Mya is looking at him on this picture...

 ...and again.

 And then we wash dishes. It's so fun to wash dishes with these helpers...

 Especially this one. :)

So there you have it. (some of it) 17 pictures and some words. A little more than 2 months since my last post & I must say I enjoyed updating! does that sound odd? I hope not.
Life has already changed since Christmas. Jon & Mary have moved away to Iowa and I already miss them. Dorcas will soon leave for 3 months and I will miss her. But like Pooh says - it's a good thing when you like people well enough to miss them and the other way around..... (something like that I think)   But know I need to go 'cause it's getting kinda late....Have a good day tomorrow! :)


  1. What a nice post. I kept checking and checking to see if you had ever updated your blog again and now you finally did the other day! :) It was a nice post! See you this wknd!! :)

  2. I lo be love this post, dear Hannah. And the pooh you. The time was marvelous. I do love when you surprise me! Anytime, my dear. I do think that grey dress you wore in the tired looking picture is pretty. Doesn't seem like I've seen it before? Your Christmas looks so fun.
    By the way, I think your new header is adorable!!! Good work.
    Your Alice


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