Saturday, October 20, 2012

A fall-ish kind of day

October days are perfect for nearly everything!  I am so loving this fall with all the blue skies and happy colored trees.... the other day Mary came over and in the afternoon we had a small tea on a blanket in the yard....

Mary & Rhoda arranging flowers...

Mary gets all excited about picnics & tea ;)

us... Dorcas was here too but she is taking the picture. 

See? Didn't I say October is beautiful?   I feel pleased to have been born in this month ;)   I think fall is the perfect time for candles, lots of coffee with Mary at work, fresh baked somethings, fast walks down the road, & getting lots of exciting birthday gifts! ;)

I hope you are enjoying each day 'cause there is a lot to be seen & appreciated if we are willing to look!


  1. I too feel blessed to have been born in this month. :) Fall is probably my favorite season, but I wish the trees here would change colors. They are sooo pretty to look at.


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