Monday, April 9, 2012


Yesterday was a gorgeous day for flying!! Micah gave 12 people rides (including myself :)) He is such a good pilot, I'm proud of him! :)     


Some of my favorite things about today:

  • Jon and Mary are here right now getting their house/camper ready to move into in June
  •  Mary showed us how to make these adorable mice out of radishes! (in the picture above)
  • Some time this evening some of my favorite people are coming! My aunt Wanda, & her 4 kids, My cousin Chelsy, and my Grandma....
  • The yummy fruit smoothie I made myself for breakfast....bananas, peaches and blueberries!
  • The cappuccino chillers I made this afternoon...(these aren't so healthy!)
 Cappuccino Chillers
 Dorcas, Mary & Rhoda

 Yours truly :)

This is all for today. Hope you enjoy it and have a spectacular day!!


  1. Oh little Bob!! I can't wait to come home and be with you all and see all the delicious green grass and taste a cappuccino chiller! :) It seems funny that Jon and Mary are there and I'm not. And it seems funny that Wanda, Chelsy and Grandma are there and I'm not. It almost seems horrible, but life is really good out here too. I'm not homesick, just looking forward to coming home, driving my car again, and hanging out with the best sisters late at night again!! We shall pack every minute full! :) Love you all!!

  2. Yes I'm having a spectacular day!!! And I know you are. Loved this post so much dear! You're a good "poster" of sorts. And I like hearing about what you're up to {hint}.
    Much love,
    the smoothie sounds delicous, by the way.


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