Thursday, April 19, 2012

An pictures

Hi!  Here are some pictures from last week. It was a wonderful week with Jon and Mary here cleaning their little camper/house and with some other very special people to help (and hang out with! :)  In these next few pictures we are trying to get all the tapping etc. done so Jon could spray primer on everything while us girls went shopping!


                                          Dorcas & Chels finish taping a window....

Mary is very happy while she is closing holes :)

That afternoon Mary and Dorcas dropped Chels, Rhoda and I off at Starbucks 
while they went to get more paint....

This picture is a wee bit bright and grey but I still like it :)
 Giving Brook adorable strawberry toenails....

The last night we went on a very fast walk after supper.... we totally love having Wanda along for wise council!!  One night she was up with us til 1:00 (in the morning)! We were laughing terribly hard lots of times but surprisingly we only woke about 2 people! ;)

 And lastly.....
Here is the 5 steps to Chelsy getting a doughnut...
(Eventually I lost track of how many...... )

Step #1  Peek around the corner and make sure no one is looking.

Step #2  Begin to take one very fast while no body looks....

Step #3  Decide which one to take.

Step #4  Be horrified that someone sees...and is taking a picture!
Step #5  ...In it goes....;)

And afterwards take a happy picture with Dorcas!

That's all for now....The next post will very likely include pictures etc. from this weekend....Naomi is coming home to visit this weekend!!!!!! 3 cheers!!!!!


  1. What a fun picture post!! And it is quite lovely to be here with you, even though I'm tired. :)

  2. This post is just making me laugh all over again. Such special memories and such special nieces! Chels sure did love those donuts, didn't she?;)


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