Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of wisconsin & friends.....

This past Thursday we (my siblings & I and one of our friends) went to Wisconsin for the weekend, we ended up staying a day longer then we had planned & I'm so glad we did.....

                                         A game of confusion... I'd say they look confused...

Friday afternoon us girls went shopping, we went through lots of stores where we didn't but anything, that good right? :)
                                                         Deciding what purse to buy.....

                                                        and not buying any.... :)

                           after shopping we went to Culvers for supper.... then there was v-ball.

Saturday we went out for lunch, we had to try about 4 or 5 restaurants before we found one that had enough room for all of us!  After that we were gonna go bowling but they were too full for us too.... so we went to the K-mart store that is closing to take advantage of the sales. (we forgot the camera on saturday so there's no pictures...) 

                              Sunday afternoon... we were watching "The other side of heaven"

                                         Anna & I

                        Sunday night we went bowling.... Micah & Noah

                                                     Kathryn & Mary

                   we tried getting a picture of all us girls but I don't think it worked very well.... :)

after bowling we went to Culvers for ice cream

 We had planned to go home Monday morning but we stayed till late that afternoon.  I think that was the best day, we took the sleds out on the lake, roasted hotdogs etc....

                                            Kathryn, Rhoda & myself...

                                             Kathryn, Dorcas & Rhoda

                                                    Our campfire...

                                          Joni & Luke bringing wood back for the fire

                                                           Micah & Jonathan

Dorcas & I roasting hotdogs.... (you'll have to turn your head sideways 'cause the picture didn't turn right)
                                                     The happy bunch of us...

All of us except 3- L-R  Jonathan, Dorcas, Micah, me, Joni, Luke, Naomi, Rhoda, Noah, Kathryn & Jonathan

I'm glad we got to go back to Wis. in the winter... nothing beats the north!   And I'm also very thankful to have friends that are like family!   What wonderful memories were made... love you guys!


  1. What a happy post! :)~Dorcas

  2. Lovely post, dearest. It's been so nice to see beautiful things you've posted. I loved reading some thoughts from you on thankfulness.....I loved seeing the pictures of your crazy fun roadtrip (roadtrips w/ siblings are so amazing, right?)......I love just seeing some Hannah again! I miss you. I wish you could be here right now. I love you. Can't wait till next time we spend together.


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