Tuesday, February 22, 2011

you have been hacked :)

Finally, a post from someone other than Hannah herself! :) We love and miss you Hannah!! Hope you're having a great time!

Please forgive us for putting this one on. We couldn't resist :)

i love this picture Hannah :) It is very pretty even if you dont think so!


  1. Oh dear Oh dear. what shall we do? someone is seriously in the business of hacking! not so long ago my sister's fb was hacked by this same person i'm afraid. Let me guess, was it Marge or Rhoda or both?:)

  2. While the cats away, the mice play, huh, Hannah?

  3. My dear, you certainly don't expect us to admit it do you? After all, innocent until proven guilty! *i whisper in hopes of avoiding the dire consequences*

  4. i cannot be more grateful that the hacker put on such a cheesy 'closed eyes' picture of the mature older sister..... ;) Miss you Hannah!


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