Sunday, February 20, 2011

My newest niece!

 Mya Grace
February 17, 2011 - 6 lbs. & 4 oz. 
(I thought it was fun that she weighed the same as I did when I was born:)
 Aubrey loves to hold her baby sister! :)

 Kyler & Mya

The other morning they were singing songs to Mya, it's fun to watch them with her, they treat her with such tenderness and care (most of the time:)           I have really been enjoying my time here. Kyler was singing 'Only a boy named David' time after time after time this morning, there is a Hippo that was given for Mya but Aubrey has claimed it & named it Hallah! :) I love all their happy smiles & laughter, I am blessed to be their aunt! :)   I wish you all a good week...

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  1. Aw how sweet!:) How we love them!:) Miss you and love you!! Rhoda


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