Friday, October 29, 2010


I feel somewhat inadequate to be writing this seeing that it is an area that I myself struggle with, but I feel like I should.
 It can be so hard to give up everything. Completely. But it's so necessary to do so. we need to give our Life, time, energy, talents etc. to God for Him to use as He wishes. This is a song that puts it perfectly I think. When I first heard the song I didn't appreciate it very well, it made me feel sort of guilty but now that I have accepted what it was/is trying to tell me I am thankful & am challenged to give more of myself to Him daily, He is the reason I live!

                                                                  More Of Me                                       
All the riches one could gain
All the ever glad refrain          
All the glory yet untold              
All the love the heart can hold

CHORUS:  He has given all to me
          All I'll ever need 
And it's not that I need more of God
But He needs more of me

More of time time I waste each day
More unceasing when I pray
More my heart my mind & soul
More of all to His control 
     We are constantly faced with times when we want to hang on for dear life to the things we call "ours".
 (dreams, talents, attitudes etc.) Let's remember that it's not us who need more, but GOD!


  1. Well said my dear sister. Love you! :) ~Dorcas

  2. Sometimes I wonder, why does giving up and surrendering have to be so hard for us?? Then I remember that I make it hard for myself by my lack of trust & obedience to God... and when I DO surrender, such peace there is! :) Thanks for sharing Hannah!


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