Saturday, October 16, 2010


I currently have nothing to say.
Nothing that is very interesting & needful that is. Last week my sis. & her children were here all week, perhaps sometime I will post pics. perhaps I won't?- presently the computer isn't wanting to cooperate to let me take the pics. off the memory card, on to the computer. *sigh* this IS modern technology! this week I was very busy -baking- you may think this is all I do but it isn't. Next week we (mom, Rhoda & I) go to Iowa to clean my Grandma's house. A fun piece added to that will be seeing all my cousins (if pics. get taken I will post them;) Last night my bro. Micah came home from Iowa after being there for 2 weeks, it is good to have him here again seeing that  it might be good to have "someone with some common sense" around again in case of things happening (water pipes breaking etc.:) well I should go and bake some supper.  A wonderful weekend is wished  to you all!:)

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