Monday, June 8, 2015

In Which...I return from hibernation.

February 1st. That's the last time I blogged. 126 whole days ago. It's been a crazy spring, and I know I don't actually need to say that. I think it's fact that I just stated the obvious of everyone else's life too.... surprise! 

In January I began my first semester of college for my Associates degree in accounting. I enjoyed it a lot and now that summer has arrived I'm studying Human Relations and taking my Comp 1 class.. for which I will nervously tackle my essay writing abilities. I think perhaps a love/hate relationship is developing between me and English. I just don't normally include colons and semi colons in my writing. And I don't usually spend much time thinking about when to use 'their' or when it sounds better to say 'his or her' instead...Help! 

 So far this spring I have had great fun making wedding cakes for 3 of my friends, as well as a ton of graduation cakes which I will not post here, lest it turn into a food-blog-that-is-linked-to-on-pinterest-all.the.time. which is exactly not what I intend. I did post the wedding cakes though. Just because. 

Above is a picture of my sister and I with Mom at my sister Naomi's wedding. I have a few more pictures which I will post in a few days. Let me just say that it was a beautiful wedding full of good things. :) One of those weddings where you keep wanting to go back and have all the happiness all over again... 
And now we are here, experiencing today. Yesterday is gone, never to return and tomorrow is on a countdown to the exciting unknown. This post is a very random, non-deep-thinking return to what will hopefully be a more frequent string of posts in the near future....

Until then... please smile at someone who looks sad. They need to be able to see your joy. What's more, a smile just might save their day! :)

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  1. Yay! You've returned! I am happy about this!! =)
    Btw..I just posted the wedding over on my blog! =)
    Miss you! (but not sending hugs...hehehe)


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