Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eric & Naomi's Wedding

The end of May I was in Colorado for my sister Naomi's wedding. It was a lovely day. The kind of day that gives you warm, happy, excited feelings all the way down to your toes. It was also beautiful in that there were tears of joy and happiness and healing. The whole day was full of God's goodness and that always makes any day just so much better. 

There were colorful lollipops that had to be torn out of their nicely taped packages and sometimes certain people would get very excited when one broke.... 'cause then it could be eaten without excuse. 

 There was yards and yards of burlap and lace for the tables.

Lord bless whoever stayed to finish decorating while the bride/bridesmaids got
 their nails made pretty.. :)

Rehearsal... obviously.

The morning of the wedding my cousins -Allison and Chels- did every ones hair and make-up. They do a fantastic job, just sayin'! 

These girls were so adorable! Makes me want to be a flower girl. :)

Naomi was a stunning bride. She had this same smile going on all day! And this is random here but I just love sister weddings! Think i'm a little prejudice?  No..not really.

The reception was beautiful. It was very simple and relaxed which I believe makes anything better! 

The coffee table. You can't see here but there were chocolate covered coffee beans. Yay! 

The new Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hunsberger! 

These sisters of mine are my favorite. :)

Bridesmaids. It was so fun meeting these girls..

Mom, Rhoda & I

Love this sister and cousin of mine.. Love how this picture shows their personalities! 

So here you have it. The day in pictures. 
The End.
most of the photo credits go to Chelsy Bontrager


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