Thursday, April 4, 2013

In Which.....

....I go to Colorado to see my sister with 9 other friends, and we make lots of good memories. Such as getting "stuck" in the mountains at night and waiting patiently for help to arrive.... :)  I'm so glad I had a chance to go see her & meet the friends/people she works with out there... Here are some pictures from that weekend.
 Friday morning we drove way up in the mountains to this place to eat, the 'General Store' as it was called, where as you can see, housed a dog that was able to go in and out as it pleased along with 1 or 3 others that are not shown here.  The food was good & it was very interesting....the owner sat and talked, brought us drinks etc. all the while a pistol stuck out of his back pocket.... he looked a lot more 'western-mountain man' than any you would find here!

Simply amazing & awesome!

 Here is all 11 of us on the outside of the General Store.

In the afternoon some of us went on a long walk and took pictures while some of the others were taking engagement pictures :)   Here is Naomi, me, Carol & Teresa

And again....

and than they want to take a 'fun picture' :)

  Andy grills our supper....

 Canon City from skyline at night, it was totally awesome! -more then this picture shows! :)

the guys....

 and most of us girls....

 Tres & Julie

 Glen & Jes - I so can't wait for their wedding in June!
(then Naomi gets to come home for a few days! :))

Saturday we went 'subbing' (i.e. an old suburban w/ the top cut off) that was definitely one of the favorite things from the whole weekend! It was gorgeous (& cold) in the mountains.... 
We went all the way up to Cripple Creek, which is a little mountain town of Casinos....  There we found a coffee shop which was quite happy! :)

Us girls in the coffee shop.

 The old sub. Yea, we felt so in style that day....totally! The latest model?? or not....

 ...I think not. On our way back down the mountains this wheel decided it couldn't any longer. It could have been very terrible but thankfully it didn't quite come off! So we sat there talking, growing cold, laughing & waiting for nearly 2 hours -i think- till someone brought things to fix it.... I am quite certain that we will always remember this part of the weekend! :)

And lastly. Naomi & I....
 I'm so glad to have her for my sister and one of my best friends! It's amazing to see what God is doing in & through her!  -please excuse the fact that we both look a little cheesy on this picture. Thank You.

The End.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun and excitement ;)

  2. much fun!! makes me wanna go see her SO badly!


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