Sunday, May 20, 2012

At long last....

 ...I am updating with mostly pictures and some words.....
Firstly, a small while back I traveled to Iowa to surprise my cousin for her birthday... In talking with her sister etc. we were able to get by without her knowing and I must say that she was very surprised (or shall we say it like it was; she was scared! ) when I jumped out from behind a door and grabbed her... I don't blame her for being scared.... ;)  Here are some pictures...

Here we are making chocolates....the healthy kind I tell you, with cocoa butter and coconut oil, maple syrup, cocoa etc... they were divine!

One afternoon Chels, Allison and I went to Washington where we went to some thrift shops, an adorable place called "the village" and then to the square to eat our picnic supper....

Chels tried getting pictures of us talking "seriously" but we always ended up laughing....

 Later that night Alli and I hung out at the coffee shop while Chels went to a meeting.... we had more grand conversation there..(and on the way home ;)

 Superb chocolate peanut butter icecream...

And that is the end of pictures Alli and I.... now here are some pictures that were taken last night...

 Micah, Dorcas, Rhoda & I

 Dad & Mom

 Pictures with siblings are the best! ;)
And lastly... a few weeks ago Dorcas and Rhoda were painting and decided to paint themselves too!;)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Lovely pictures!:) I really like the one of Charles and I! It brings back many fond memories of when we tried to attack you and you melted into the corner and shrieked!!;) Love you dear sister of mine! ♥George

    1. So it didn't let me comment like normal, but it will let me reply, so that is what I shall do. :) Little Bob, do you have a new dress? It looks like you had a grand and lovely time in IA!! :) My sisters are all quite fine to look at and so is the little brother. :) And the ice cream looks like something fun to eat. ;) Love you and miss you!! Naomi

  2. Looks like great fun! Only 6 wks and 2 days until I see you all!! Lots of love.....

  3. Such a fun, happy post! I did have to wonder about the monkeys on the last picture?!;)

  4. Dearest....what a jolly post! Love, LOVE it! Those memories and sweet indeed, dear kindred heart YOU! Thanks again, a million times, for the most delightful, enjoyed, celebrated, sweet, amazing time. Love you so much. Let's do a time like this together again, k? Love you, sweet sista!!!!!


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