Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A weekend in Texas

Last week on Friday my family & I left for Texas. The plan was to surprise my aunt Karen for her 50th birthday, it worked quite well! :) We got there in the afternoon while she was gone and when she returned... there we were!  I don't actually have any pictures of her expression when she saw us although it was quite picture-worthy..:) My aunt Wanda was gonna fly into Dallas and get there about the same time we did but because of weather her flight was rescheduled and she didn't get there till around midnight! We were still up and she was a huge surprise to Karen! :)

us girls around 11:00 pm. waiting patiently for Will & Wanda to get there.... (My cousin Will picked her up at the airport)
Aunt Karen and her "curly girl hair book".... there is a story... a lot of us girls in this family line have curly hair and so Karen had purchased this book with plans to learn about "controlling her hair", this book was consulted/referred to quite often over the weekend :)

Saturday, us girls went shopping,  & we also went to Orange Leaf to taste their amazing frozen Yogurt! Quite heavenly I tell you!...
   My cousin Alex & his sweet girlfriend, Kassidy!  It was a pleasure to meet her for the first time...

                       Wanda & Victoria, Karen kept getting their names confused all weekend :)

All of us around the table for Sunday lunch, 
                                              Karen and her cake.. (look sideways... :)

                                                 This lady is my aunt Wanda! :)

                                                            Tess and Rhoda

This was my first time in Texas & I think it is very beautiful (but I haven't been there in the hot summer yet, so maybe I wouldn't like it as well then..:)  I had a really good weekend and I am thankful for wonderful family to spend time with!


  1. amazing post, my dearest lovely lady! You are inspiring, beautiful, gracious, sweet, and altogether lovely. Seriously I miss you.
    from...a sanguine cousin of yours.


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