Monday, February 20, 2012

A happy list (in words)

Today I was feeling like doing a sort of happy blog post and I was thinking of all the thing I could/would put on the list so here goes......
  • Getting roses from my brother & another friend for valentines
  • Getting a post card from Pam at  Gospel For Asia telling me how she prayed for me that God would be the strength of my life
  • The filled cupcakes that my sister made... they were divine!
  • Practicing new songs for the youth group chorus tour
  • The email I received from a dear cousin.  I cried at the way she prayed for me... such encouraging words they were...
  • I got to spend all day friday with my sister Naomi! (even though we were working an hour away at an unfamiliar store :)
  • My new favorite quote; We are loved more than we will ever know by Someone who died to know us.
  • Wonderful, inspiring biographies like "The cross & the switchblade"
  • Turning on the radio & hearing my favorite song(which is currently What a Savior by Laura Story...hint: if you want to make me really happy, you could buy me her Blessings album...:)
  • Knowing that I have a God who cares even when it seems as though no one understands
  • Feeling inspired to write songs after reading The cross and the switchblade
  • Having wonderful, deep, enlightening, learning, conversations late at night (or early in the morning)with sisters! (every girl should have these:)
Here are a few things that make me extra happy... What is something that is making you feel extra blessed or happy today? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Hannah dear. I loved this post. I'm surprised you are reading the cross & the switchblade, but happy that you actually did & liked it. ;) And the conversation...was it the one we had before I left, or did you have one after I left? ♥ u! Dorcas

  2. It sounds like a lot of happy is going on in your life. I do hope the roses from 'another friend' were not a male friend...because well, I think you are a bit young...and you know...;)

    I love the "What a Saviour' song, too, and I'd take that CD as well.;)

  3. Dorcas, the said conversation took place after you left...sorry:)

    And to Wanda....there is no male friend involved here but I do want to take time and thank you for your concern! :)

  4. oh Hannah, please email me & tell me what the conversation was about! ;)~Dorcas

  5. Hannah. This post is simpy S W E E T. I just loved. made me happy. I think it is just amazing that your brother got you roses. Wow....girl. You surely are blessed. And I'm so happy for you. Did you respond to said cousin's email?(grin.) to you, girl!

  6. It makes me happy to know that you enjoyed working with me! :) I think your favorite parts of the day was when I tried to add humor to your life! Haha!! :) Love you and will miss you!


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