Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The first 11 days

I have now been here for 11 days. In that time I have been somewhat sick for about 2-3 days, which was very unfortunate. In that time it snowed a great deal & now the snow has all melted & there was lots of rain one night which ran into the basement & covered roads etc. That was night before last & to day we went to town & there is still a vehicle sitting in the Walmart parking lot with water covering it's tires.   In spite of all this I have really enjoyed my time here, life is different living with little kidders but I like it :)  Today we rearranged the living room, everything now has a different spot to sit except the couch & the little wooden table by the window, It looks quite nice :)  Mya is such a good, happy, quiet child, she has such beautiful big eyes (and very long fingers like her aunt Dorcas, *smile*) Today Kyler has had 3 different names, (according to Aubrey) first it was Elvin, then Boots, & last it was Harriet :)  Aubrey is Emily, (when they play).  I like this picture of them, who knows what was being said! :)   Have a good Day....


  1. The kidders make me laugh. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. We miss you here. :( But happy that you can be there. :) I can't wait til the end of this month to see the little child that has fingers like me! ;) Love you, Dorcas

  2. Looks like happy times. I'm so glad Sara has help and that Mya is such a good baby!


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