Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cookies & Sunday...

What fun it must be to get a box in the mail containing all kinds of nice things, including a baking set & recipe cards!  Thus the next day we MUST make Frosted Sugar Cookies:)
Butterflies, flowers & kitty's waiting to be baked.
Kyler rolls out cookie dough under Aubreys watchful eye.
Let's see... what do we do next?
...we make the frosting!
 Kyler's goggles... when there's nothing to keep them on your head they must be held on! :)
Sunday photo session...
dear Kyler, how we love him, according to him I am "his Hannah":) take for instance that he likes to jump on "his Hannah's" bed :) (once in a while I jump with him:)
the trains that Sara & her kidders made :)
This afternoon was quiet, just Mya & I, the rest were taking naps so I decided to update this blog.  Kyler just woke up a few minutes ago so I fixed him an orange & we are sitting at the kitchen table, me doing this & him eating the last of his orange. Today after lunch I took them outside for awhile, what fun!  I hope you are all fairing well... good-day.

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  1. i'm glad you are having such a fun time... but it will be quite nice to have you home again! I told Rhoda just last night that I'm not sure if we will know what to do when you are home again. She thought maybe she wouldn't dream anymore. ;)


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