Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Fall! :)

Hello to one & all! Honestly I did not mean to hold back posting till after the first day of fall but being very busy plus slow internet when you have time to update makes for wide spaces between posts!

                                            Meet Jane:
She happily sits in the corner of my sisters schoolroom with some pumpkins & squash, (this was before the pumpkins & squash were there) Dorcas found her & she probably comes from China but I do like her!:)

I am currently working on some pages for my blog, such as; Favorite Songs ~ Quotes  & Proverbs ~ Links~ etc. Perhaps there will also be a guest book?  The reason is to hopefully make this a little more interesting(I said hopefully) Please tell me if it is boring 'cause I don't like boring things! :)

This coming Saturday my sister is coming for a week, bringing her little family with her:) It will be fun (to state the obvious!)

  Wishing you all a good day until next time:)

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