Saturday, October 25, 2014

God in a $0.40 CD

She was at a thrift store with her sisters. She was looking for something exciting. That one thing that had 'her name' on it. She did what she always does first and went to the clearance section of the store. To her left was a gigantic rack of music. She went there next since she can't leave a store without looking through the music. There it was, close to the front. A 14 yr. old CD that was marked 80% off its original price of $1.99! When this particular young lady sees music for $0.40 it just has a way of going into her cart. And most times it doesn't go back on the shelf. Just imagine. 11 songs for $0.40?!

That was me. Hannah, the person writing this. That music was probably the favorite thing I purchased all day. I haven't stopped listening to it since. The whole album is full of God's Spirit. I needed that. I love it when a song has been around for 16 years -a popular song at that- and suddenly you find that version of it that is instantly your favorite. It's anointed. It's different from all the others.

I had specifically been asking God to reveal Himself to me in some way. He did. In a way that I wasn't expecting. It's those little things that cause my belief in God to grow bigger. How do I know that He cares about the very small things? Because He made Himself known to me through a very small thing. It was nothing big and/or sophisticated. Simply bringing to me 11 songs -for practically free- that have blessed me over and over.

How has God made Himself known to you today? Maybe it was a hug from a random friend. Maybe you were going through something difficult or outright hard and that person who had no idea gave you chocolate for no reason at all or maybe they spoke words of life to you right when you needed it the most. Maybe God spoke His love to you through flowers from a child or by simply watching the leaves dance around in the wind. Or the sunset... or who knows, maybe someone posted something on Facebook that was just what you needed for that day. A moment of Light. Truth. Promise.

Look around you. Most times God doesn't throw a big party when He tells us He loves us. A lot of times it's in the small things. The things that make our hearts happy. It's when we realize these things are gifts, that we know. Without a doubt. That He really and truly cares. Because we are His.


  1. My hug was a coffee date last night with a very dear friend. I love your blog Hannah, and I love to hear what's on your heart.

  2. i love this post, hannah. so true. love those random hugs God gives to us.
    may I ask what cd it was??

    1. It was an old Classics cd from Ray Boltz.


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