Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A weekend at my favorite place...

It was the third weekend in May. My brother was moving to the beautiful state of Wisconsin and it just worked that we could help him out that weekend. Which was quite lovely indeed!
And for me it's always exciting to see the great sign because seriously. How many other states have their sign hanging happily on giant logs? -please excuse the blurriness... Mom was driving fast! ;)

   Saturday, Kathryn, Rhoda and I went to Eau Claire to see what we could see and we ended up going to Encore, Plato's Closet, Cherry Pickers and maybe a few other consignment shops. Those happen to be our favorite although I discovered I'm not a giant fan of Plato's Closet.... My sister and I decided we must buy ourselves Wisconsin shirts since we lived there for so many years and who knew how soon we would be back

We went to Red Robbin for lunch. The lighting was terrible but the food was really good!

After Lunch we went to the mall to try and find a certain store and we also tried taking our picture in the photo booth but it didn't work. Perhaps it was the Lord helping us not spend $3!?

 It's become a sort of tradition to go to Culvers every time we go to Wisconsin because the closest one to us in MO is an hour and a half away and ya know? Their concrete mixers are just so amazing! :)

We took pictures of ourselves while waiting for the light to turn green... and we listened to happy music... and we talked... and then on Sunday we played volley ball with some more wonderful friends and came home with more fun memories that I didn't take pictures of. You know what kind I'm talking about?
And here is a picture of my brother Micah and his plane. He flew it up and we drove his car. And we could text while he was flying which was entertaining! I miss him dreadfully but I'm so super excited for him at the same time... There's just something about people being right where they're supposed to be that makes me happy. And happiness is good.


  1. Happy post! Micah looks so handsome and grown up beside his girlfriend, I mean airplane!;)

  2. Oh what a wonderful time!! We went up the downs and down the ups. Such good memories.

  3. Oh such good memories!! We went up the downs and down the ups!!

  4. Haha Wanda! :)

    And yes Kathryn. Awesome memories! :)

  5. Hannah dear!! I love this post...so fun. For some reason I can see you not exactly being in love with Platos Closet. =) Hehe. Alli and I have decided that we like it sometimes. Sometimes not. I would definitely prefer if they played southern gospel instead of the stuff they currently play. =)
    and yes. love the pic of micah. we will all be praying fervently that he would find a girlfriend up in Wisconsin, to keep him company in his plane. =) hehe...
    love you!! (but no hugs...=))

    1. Haha Chels! I didn't think about the music but that they seemed stuck up some how. aaannndddd....that's just funny about Micah! ;)

  6. yes!!!! fun catching up on many fun posts. I especially love all the photos!!! And your cake decorating skills are EPIC!!! just saying.

  7. dearie...I really really REALLY want to see some pictures of all you sisters time together. and your visit to Colorado! PLEASE!! =)


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