Friday, November 8, 2013

On this November day...

Hello people! I don't know how it is where you are residing today but I am quite aware that this is an absolutely awesome fall day! I went to work at 8 a.m. & got off at precisely 2:26 p.m. and came home & Rhoda and I listened to all sorts of happy music very loudly & made monster cookies! :) 

-The dough. Rhoda just adores pictures like this! ;)-

The finished product.  
You see we really did have to make them because my boss at the bakery wanted the recipe for an extra something to stick in the doughnut case & I had to make sure these were good... y'know how that goes.... :)

After the cookies were done we went on a walk. -please excuse the somewhat blurred self in. this image is not completely clear. :) that's all. :)

 We have this gorgeous maple tree abiding in our front yard! I took this picture the other day while it was losing it's leaves and now the tree is almost completely ready for winter! :)

I am in love with this super simple printable! I so cannot wait for thanksgiving. ( more reasons then one here! ;)) I know for sure that the pie eating part will come to life!

This makes me happy. So much fall goodness that sits on our kitchen table.

What I'm currently reading. I find it surprising that I am reading 2 books at once! I am so not a reader & for me to really like a book it has to be challenging & beneficial to ones spiritual life plus there seems to be very few writing styles that I actually like. This is like the third or fourth time I'm reading 'The Cross & the Switchblade' & 'gods at war' came in the mail today as a birthday present. I can't wait to read through the whole book 'cause it looks really good! 

That is all for now.... I do sincerely hope that y'all have an amazing weekend! :)


  1. Fun post! And I so badly want to sneak down over Thanksgiving!!!!

    1. I know Wanda!!:) It will be a Most Wonderful and Entertaining time!!:) I'm So Excited about it!!:) But Christmas will be Just Amazing as well!! I'm So looking forward to it!!:) Just think of all the lovely and hysterical talks we'll have!!;) All about two darling people, and other things!;) You're Such a dear aunt!:) Rhoda

  2. i love that quote! and I love how you say that the tree is "abiding" in your front yard. =) and the cookie baking...sounds so like you. I can just imagine your music cranked up LOUD. let me guess what you were listening to? Collingsworth Family, Ernie Haase+Signature Sound....or something else? And I'm w/ Wanda on wanting to sneak over for thanksgiving too. =) Sure y'all will have a great time! =)


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