Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In which I was surprised!

 So ever since my sister moved to Iowa, my other sister & I thought it would be most appreciated & out right lovely if Dorcas & some of our cousins would come see us & as time went on I was beginning to suspect that there were indeed plans & we weren't supposed to know about them which meant that they were very possibly trying to plan a surprise. I tend not to be a person that gets surprised very easily 'cause I'm always rather suspicious or as in another case once when someone was trying to surprise me, logic just told me that they would be coming- I counted the number of people that were coming & the number of seats in the vehicle & I knew there was a cousin who would find it very convenient to come along. -And she did! But that is not the story this time. 

The last weekend in September my sister(Rhoda) & I were working and she asked me if I would scream if I were ever surprised. "I don't know." I said. "I guess we'll have to wait and see when the time comes."  She thought that was no fun at all 'cause she knew she most definitely would scream! :)  the weekend went on & I didn't expect any one would be coming because of the days I was scheduled to work the following week but what'd you know? Sunday night we were all in the basement & the dogs started barking loudly outside & then I heard people walking upstairs & I still didn't expect anything and then they started coming down the stairs & my Dad went to look.... & obviously I was having a moment of brain-freeze 'cause when he said, "Oh. It's just you". I still didn't catch on. and then they came running & I realized who was actually here in my house & I screamed! Loudly! Which is what they were hoping for. :) (I even surprised myself here & my sister discovered indeed how I react to surprises! ;))  I discovered that mom had even arranged with my boss for me to work different days which was so happy! :) We had marvelous fun and made good use of the short time that was left until Tuesday afternoon when they were to leave.

 There are no pictures of us when we saw them which is kinda sad...

Allison/Alice & I- there are so many memories I have with this girl & her sister as well as the rest of their family.... about some things I say: what happens on the bus stays on the bus! ;) ;) haha!!:)

 Since we didn't know they were coming there was no plan of what to do so we got up in the morning & drank coffee/tea and had good conversation about dealing with pain from the past, breaking chains of bitterness & on like that until somewhere in the 11th hour...Dad came in and saw us all sitting there in our PJ's drinking coffee and thought it looked like we were getting a good start on our day! :)  We were. It was beneficial to us all. :)

We then went to town to see what we would do....

...that ended up being our favorite little cafe in Warsaw because it had been quite awhile since we were there & Chels & Allison had never been there & we were sure they were missing out! :)

 They thought it was very enchanting. Which it is.. and one of the favorite things about it is that it's all healthy! They make all their own desserts/bread/etc... and they use NO sugar. They use natural sweeteners & still the food is amazing! :)

We sat out on the awesome porch & had more good conversation. It was beautiful!

Amazing Cream Cheese Pie with Strawberries. I don't think I've even gone there with out getting this! :)

Sisters are awesome! Just sayin'... I missed all my other sisters that weren't with us.


  Mom made fresh doughnuts while we were gone. They were amazing! They always are.

I am normally of the belief that eating pictures are awkward. I'm not saying that this one isn't but when there are fresh doughnuts how one keep from taking a picture? ;)

Chels has a thing for Moms doughnuts. I'm not blaming her 'cause we all do. :)

 Watching 'My Fair Lady' & I decidedly say that I liked it. ;)

And we ate more doughnuts. :)

There were french pedicures to be done ...

and a fun game of dutch blitz to be played...

I have come to the conclusion once again that there is no price tag for family & friends who love the Lord.
 I am blessed.
I have also come to the conclusion that being surprised is very exciting! :)

To see more pictures & another side of the story read Chelsy's blog.

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  1. AWWW!!! I love this post Hannah. The writing style is so you. So fun to hear your perspective on the time. =)
    And yes-what happens on the bus stays on the bus. =)
    And some of the things that happened while we were there...um, stay there too.
    Things like G.T. (figure that one out-I'm not brave enough to actually spell it out. =))
    love you muchly!

  2. Looks like lots of fun. Too bad your mature aunt wasn't there. ;) He, he.

  3. Oh it Was a lovely time!!:) And I think deep down I really expected you to scream.;) Such an Amazing time it was!!:) And they should totally do it again!!;) And yes, sisters Are Awesome!!:) I'm just So Happy to have them!!:) And to have cousins that are practically Just as dear as sisters, is just amazing!!:)
    And Wanda, too bad our mature aunt Wasn't here!;) that would have been amazing!:) But I think we were pretty mature most of the time, so that was good!!;) It really was just a most Lovely Surprise!!:) Love you my dear sister!!:) ♥George

  4. oh yes. the mature aunt missed out greatly. =) without you there, we had no "white flags of surrender". =) hehe..

  5. oh my dear sister. I love you so SO much. And yes, the memories we have together are nothing but amazing. You are one of my very. favorite. people. in the entire world!!!! Thanks for loving me always. You're the best. Somehow I knew that whether or not you actually got surprised (tho amazingly you did) we would have the best of times. And we did. Your turn?

  6. one more thing. zippers. enough said.


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