Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In which we go to wisconsin....

In august we went to Wisconsin.  Us kids went up in February or maybe it was March but the reason/excuse this time was that some very close friends of ours were getting married and what a shame it would be to miss out on it! So we went, and cooked food for the wedding and enjoyed ourselves enormously. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding with only about 100-120 guests -I think little weddings are the way to go. Seriously people. The ones I have been at are always so much more relaxed and personal...just sayin' :)-  We discovered after we got there that there was no dishwasher and all the plates, cups, silverware etc. would have to be washed with our own hands. We began to imagine a long process & it was not such a glorious mind picture but we discovered that even the cleanup was to be fun! It's amazing how much fun washing dishes is when you're in a kitchen with 5-11 or 13 friends and everyone is helping 'happily'.... but since ya'll don't want to hear about the cleaning up I will let you look at some pictures. Cause those are always understandably much more interesting than words.

Here is Micah, Rhoda & I trying to entertain ourselves on the way up.

Jonathan & Anna - they are the main reason we went and it was a good reason too! :)

The mothers- Lydia & Lydia :)

I don't have a picture of just Anna but she was a lovely bride!

 I loved how happy & relaxed they were...


And than the reception....yes, this is the wedding I was making candles for the last time I posted...


It was fun to serve the bridal table cause we knew everyone and it was sorta just like serving family. And just in case you are interested...they had mountain dew for their drink. ;)

- the bridesmaids -

Kathryn & I

And than once we shot guns.  I even shot the AK-47 or was it 14? (something like that...I don't know my guns at all ) it was fun, but the fact that my ears filled with static reminding me of airbags so I couldn't even  hear the shot took a little of the extreme excitement out of it. (and those of you who know me well are going...Hannah? extreme excitement? weeellll....you never know. :) )

And then there are the pictures that were taken before or after we made a random trip to DQ for ice cream.

Random, I know.... :)
 And then there is Rachel, Mary, Rhoda, Lizzie, Kathryn & I...You know, I never did say that this caught us at our most photogenic best did I? :)

And that my friends is all for now. 
I hope you have an amazing rest of the week!

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  1. lovely post hannah dear! it was definitely about time we heard from you again. =)
    beautiful pictures...I enjoyed that there were lots of them. the bride is so beautiful!
    and..you shooting a gun. I can imagine. =) You have a great expression on that picture. =)
    love you..


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