Thursday, February 21, 2013

Of recent days in February

In this month some of my favorite things have been going to Wisconsin with Micah & Rhoda to see friends & stopping to see Jon & Mary on the way... umm...I don't have any pictures of this but please be assured that we had a grand time! :) It snowed, and we went on a walk in it -singing Christmas carols- we laughed very hard -lots of times- went wedding dress shopping with a friend, had interesting conversations & I made my first angel food cake that I still think tasted like baked egg whites with sugar! Perhaps when I get pictures from the weekend I will post them...we'll see.

 Around the end of Jan. beginning of Feb. Dorcas left for Bible School. -This isn't such a favorite thing of the month :)  She doesn't come home till May 1st sometime & I miss her. we all do. 
But she sounds happy & so I am happy for her! :)  
( excuse the bright-ish picture please)

Yesterday was a rather cloudy day with not much to do so in the afternoon Rhoda & I made a small batch of mini mocha cheesecakes & coffee. It was amazing, the cheesecake I mean. I think I am on to something now.... I will make them a few more times then post the recipe 'cause I don't have correct measures of anything.  Just saying a little of this & a lot of that doesn't always work well...

Then today we wake up to awesome snowy-ness outside! Dry, fluffy snow, and lots of it! So we went on a walk in it.... I don't think there has been this much dry, fluffy snow since moving to Missouri so I was quite excited! :)

 Rhoda & Sam.  It doesn't look like the little dog wanted to be in the picture...

Rhoda & I

And next weekend I think I get to go see Naomi in CO! Such fun that will be I am certain! :)   And coming up on the 28th (I 'm not sure which day that is) is National Pancake day! Rhoda & I like to make pancakes on that day as some kind of.... uhhmm.. observance? Or something like that I think. :)  
 The end.


  1. I like that you posted again! :) I like all the pictures. Just one question, what camera did you use to take the pictures? ;) ♥ Dorcas

    1. The little Nikon! I was surprised that the pictures didn't
      look all blue & yellow.:)

  2. Happy do you eat all your delicacies and stay so trim? I bet you go walk it off again, huh?:)

  3. A very nice post indeed. :) I'm glad you finally updated your blog again as I check so often and so often, nothing is there. :) Can't wait to see you!!!

  4. I like your happy posts!! Wait though -- I thought National Pancake Day was Feb 5th -- that's when I celebrated anyway & a bunch of other people were too!! Google is giving conflicting answers. ;)

    1. Your right Kristin.... how sad that I missed it! I was looking at last years date! :( And Wanda, exercise!:) And still most of the time I don't think I look very trim! ;) .....I can't wait to see you Naomi!!! :)

  5. what a happy post. You are a great writer. And you do seem to be forever whipping up not-so-slimming delicacies in the kitchen. hmmm...:):) how does that work?
    xoxoxo (oh, just give the hugs and kissed to Rhoda, will you? cheesy grin:):):)


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