Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My sisters....

...are such nice people to live with....
(I know, It probably seems as though I do alot of posts about my sisters/family etc. but you'll have to excuse me 'cause I rather like to post about them! not meaning to brag or anything ...:)

                      And even though I don't live with Sara anymore I still rather like to go visit her:)

I have been thankful many times over for my sisters, we have good discussions, they give good advice,(we are glad for good advice are we not?:) With them, you never have to go places all by yourself, they provide laughter.... and more good discussions:) They are always there for you and you know that they will pray for you. It's always amazing when I think about what an influence they have had on my life,  I know that how I view certain things in life is largely because of my older sisters influence & example, ( and those good discussions... *winks*)   My sisters are some of my best friends and for that I am extremely grateful. 


  1. O little Jim. How glad I am that *you* are my sister! I love your music, your heart for God & just for being you.;) I thank God for you. ♥Dorcas

  2. Oh Jim!! You are a amazing sister as well! You are very patient (smile) and a VERY good listener!;) And I love my sisters too. They are amazing!:) I think I will grow up to be the wisest of you all cause I will be able to have ALL of your advice!;) Love you!! ~George


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