Sunday, November 21, 2010


Last weekend we went to Wisconsin. That being the place I grew up I have great respect for the north & it's winter beauty:) *grin*   We went up for a wedding but because of snowy weather the ones of us that were going to the wedding later in the day turned ourselves around & came back home for the day. (Home as in our friends house:) We had a grand & wonderful day just being together ! :)

                I have discovered that I love bowling!   Great fun :)

                        Afterwards we went to Culver's for lunch...

                                                         Micah & Noah
All of us -except Kathryn-

                                                    Snow covered pine trees

The best conversations are late at night, sitting on the counters 'speeching' about... oh never mind
                  Micah & Jonathan (perhaps we ought to say; trouble:)

-phase 10-
                           All of us children -- oh the joy of friends! ;)


                                            Kathryn & I - Love you girl!

                                Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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