Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Of Frogs and Cream

The following is from the book Hell's Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort -

    Kick with All Your Heart  -
Two frogs  jumped into a bowl of cream and got stuck. One said to himself, "How did I ever get into this bowl of cream? I just can't seem to get out, so I might as well sink back down and drown. Besides, there are plenty of worse ways for a frog to die- I could be torn to pieces by a cat! Yes, that's what I'll do-- I'll just sink down in this cream and drown."   The second frog said to himself,  "No way will I croak in a bowl of cream! I refuse to die easily-- I'm going to fight this with all my strength! If I do go down, I'm going down with flags flying!"    He began to kick, splash, and flap his little flippers. He would not give up! Every ounce of energy was put into kicking against that cream until a strange thing happened. That cream thickened because of his constant kicking until finally it turned to butter, and he leaped out of it!       The first frog died of an inferiority complex. The second frog was in the same bowl of cream, but his attitude was different. As you begin to kick out that particular "cream," whatever it may be, by God's grace, that weakness will eventually be conquered, and you will leap out of it with great rejoicing. Remember, the attitude you have about your particular problem will determine your victory. Do you really want to be free? Do you really want to be used of God? If so, begin kicking with all your heart.
 The other day I  found this & I really liked it. This particular story is somewhat far fetched but it has a really good point. Do I always just give in to temptations or do I kick against it with all my heart really wanting to break free?  Kick with all your heart against the snares of the devil.

When a Christian is fighting against the devil, he will always have God on his side fighting with him.

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