Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yesterday Mom, Dorcas & I went to Flea Market, we had a bake sale & also the concession stand. It was fun although it was a very big day! It was funny watching all the little old couples, when the husband would ask for a bowl of NACHOS to share with his wife he said: "just put Jalapenos on one end, the wife won't eat any." Another time a little girl came with her grandma, when looking at the pies she said: "that's a beautiful pie!" the grandma agrees that indeed it is very beautiful. they look at another pie; "is this a beautiful pie too?" "Yes, that is a beautiful pie too, mine never look that nice!" Two boys come with their mom and are allowed to each get a monster cookie, (a $1 a piece) the oldest boy(thinking he had a wonderful deal) said: "2 cookies for $1 right?" Dorcas then bursts his bubble & says that actually it's 2 cookies for $2! Someone buys pumpkin bars & pays with an $100 bill (hmm... must be wealthy don't you think? just kidding!) & so we kindly give them $96.50 change! On the flip side you see people who are not happy- they look sad & you can tell they have nothing to live for. There are children who are talked to very rudely by their parents or whoever they're with & it makes you hurt for them, so you say a little prayer for them & ask God to be near to them & you hope that sometime in life they would find someone who would open their heart to them & show them God's love. And then at the end of the day the crowd is dwindling & you are getting bored so you walk around to the other stands with your sister & buy some VERY tasty homemade chocolate mint patties & a strawberry shortcake birthday card for your sweet niece & then you come back again... soon we can start packing up so we do, & then we come home & are very tired & we wash dishes, lots & lots (crock pots & such from concession stand) & you eat a supper of leftover hamburgers & hot dogs...aah... the day is over!


  1. Hey, I get to be the first to comment! Your day sounds very interesting.

  2. It was fun to read the post and hear what you're up to, Hannah!

  3. Sounds like a very interesting day, it is sad how some ppl use there children, I seen some of that lately too where the parents shove there children around and talk mean to them and ur heart jus goes out to that child. thanks for updating.


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